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【Championship – The Mizzou Football Game】


(Contributed by Michelle)
This morning, for the first time in a long time, I did not want to get up. The last few days have been quite busy. The night before last, I stayed up all night and had planned to sleep during the day yesterday. However, I had forgotten that my alma mater was planning in the championship game.
Honestly, I wasn’t holding my breath for a win, but I did want to watch it. The game started at 3:00, so I decided to take a nap before the game. Well, that didn’t happen either. Instead, I ended up helping my mom with her tablet so she could finally get on a famous social networking site. I would have much rather slept, but I helped her. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll use it often, but she seems to be happy now that she is on it.
After I got done helping her, I ended up doing some chores. I did the dishes and ordered the pizza for the game, then straighten the place up a bit. Then, I went and picked up the pizza for everyone. The game was starting just as I got back home.
As I watched the game, I sent out a plethora of tweets rooting my team on. We did not play well in the beginning at all. We kept making silly mistakes and just did not play well at all. It wasn’t until after halftime in the third quarter that we finally scored a touchdown. We were only 8 points down, which now seemed inspirational. We had our chance.
I wanted to watch the fourth quarter, but I had to teach, so I couldn’t watch and see what was going on. I found out after my class, that we got crushed. We lost big time. The final score was Alabama 42, Missouri 13.
I really thought we had a chance this year, but we played poorly and didn’t execute our plays well at all. Maybe next year…….

~ Michelle

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