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【Birthdayyyy Month!!】

(Contributed by Leyna)
I love this time of the season!
Mostly because there’s my Birthday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Husband’s Birthday and Christmas!
I look forward to these events all year!
You all know I LOVE MAKEUP, CLOTHES, SHOES, SKIN CARE all those beauty and fashion items!
Needless to say I ENJOY shopping!
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when you get the biggest discounts on everything!
Especially a lot of makeup companies will have crazy sales.
So I love to stock up on some makeup that I wanted to get all year long.
There are some amazing discount prices that you DO NOT want to miss!
I don’t go out to do some Black Friday shopping by standing in line for hours in winter though.
NO BUENO! I like to shop on line mainly so I can take my time to decide what I really need the most.  
AND your not going to be freezing your tail off either!
If I go out to buy something in stores I will probably regret picking some stuff up because it will all be an impulse.
My cousin and I text the coupons and discounts to each other everyday and we are huge makeup geeks!
That’s all we talk about! MAKEUP lol
I am going to be making a youtube video about all the products I bought.
I am not bragging though I just like to share what I got because that’s what girls do! LOL
AND I love watching haul videos on youtube too!
What are some products you bought or looking forward to get this holiday?

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