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(Contributed by Brian)
As you may be aware, I was born and lived for most of my life in the north-east of England. In this particular part of the world, there is a specific dialect known as Geordie, which is a unique form of English would just spoken only within this part of the United Kingdom.
Here are some Geordie words:

Aye – yes
Nar – no
Nee – no
Wor – our
Gan – going
Yee – you
Doon – down
Neet – night
Owa – over
Reet – right
Nowt – nothing
Wrang – wrong
Lang – long
Howk – Pick or scratch
Divvent – don’t
Toon – town, Newcastle United
Geet – no real translation – descriptive word
Alang – along
Radgie – chav
Radge – mad
Class – good
Bonny – beautiful
Gadgie – old man
Bairn – child

Bait – dinner, packed lunch
Hinny – female
Hyem / yem – home
Hoose – house
Canny – good
Propa – significant
Belta – really good
Gob – mouth
Snout – cigarette
Doylem – idiot (insult)
Charva – chav
Mortal – drunk
Nappa – head
Knackered – tired
Laddie – boy
Lassie – girl
Smerking – smoking
Haddaway – term for disbelief
Clamming – hungry
Deek – look
Nebby – nosey
Deed – dead

So let’s see some of these in a sentence format:
I’m gannin’ down the toon = I am going into town (Newcastle)
You’re canny as oot = You are a good person
Why aye man = to agree with someone / a positive phrase
Howay man! = ‘Good luck’ or ‘Come on’ or ‘Hurry up’ or ‘Okay’ – proclamation of encouragement or dismissal, can be positive or negative depending on how it is exclaimed and the current situation.
Haddaway man! = No way’ or ‘Get away’ or ‘You’re joking’ – proclamation of negativity or dismissal (not to be confused with ‘Why aye man’ which is slightly higher pitched and used in less serious situations.)
e.g. ‘Geordie Shore’s bin cancelled!’ ‘Haddaway man, ye joking?!’ = ‘Geordie Shore’s been cancelled!’ ‘Oh no, you can’t be serious?’
Gannin yem = Going home.’ – may also be pronounced ‘hyem’ with the h-sound from the back of the throat. Also yem is Norwegian for home. (as most Geordie language is based on the Vikings who came from Norway!)
e.g. ‘Howay man, I’m gannin yem.’ = ‘Okay, bye. I’m going home.’
Radgie = noun used to describe a violent or aggressive person, or someone throwing a temper tantrum. (also you may hear ‘Proper radgie’ which demotes a very angry outburst.)
e.g. ‘Hee that fella’s gannin proper radgie, like.’ = ‘Hey, that young man is being very aggressive.’
“Divvin’ be nebby” = Don’t be nosy’ – statement used if a Geordie is, or feels someone else is being too overly inquisitive and they want them out of their business. May also be used in other terms such as, ‘to neb’ or ‘nebbing’ or ‘nebbed’.
e.g. ‘Quit nebbin’ in our chat.’ = ‘Stop listening into our conversation.’
“Being a proper workyticket” = ‘Being incredibly mischievous’ or ‘pushing one’s luck’ – this phrase describes all of those naughty Geordies looking for a bit of trouble.
e.g. ‘The wee bairn’s being a proper workyticket.’ = ‘The baby is being naughty.’

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