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【Happy Holidays!】

(Contributed by Meg)
It hasn’t been that long since my last blog entrée where I was talking about Halloween. How crazy to realize that we are just a week away from Christmas! As many of you might know, Christmas decorations here in the U.S. tend to be extravaganza.
We not only decorate inside of our house but outside with lights, statute, and ornaments. Some communities hold Christmas decoration contests that attract many people who want to enjoy the holiday spirit although some of the decoration can be overboard and look too flashy or almost Disneyland-like.
In my household, unfortunately we are not having a Christmas tree this year due to our newly added family member. You might remember my daughter adopted a kitten who is now 5 and ½ months old and he is in a highest of mischief. I am afraid he might either try climbing up the tree or destroy the ornaments. Hopefully he will calm down after he gets neutered and we can enjoy our holiday decoration from next year.
Happy Holidays!

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