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【Comfort Food】

(Contributed by Alana)
One good thing about the cold weather is that I can make and eat lots of rich, hot, heavy food to keep me warm. Soup, casseroles, hot sandwiches, and stews are especially popular at this time of year. You can have the oven on for hours to cook many of these dishes, so it helps keep your house warm.
This kind of food can be called ‘comfort food’. Comfort food is a type of food or a dish that makes you feel happy and comfortable – often associated with food from your childhood or that you parents or family used to cook for you. Usually, comfort food is hot and has a lot of salt, sugar, or carbohydrates. A few examples of popular Canadian comfort food are macaroni and cheese, chili, tuna casserole, beef stew, and grilled cheese.
My favourite comfort food to make is beef chili or macaroni and cheese. I found great recipes online for both of these dishes, and I tweaked (slightly changed) them to make them more personal and, in my opinion, more delicious!
To make chili, all you need are kidney beans, canned diced tomatoes, and ground beef. You mix all these ingredients together in a pot and add some other vegetables, like green peppers, mushrooms, black beans, or carrots, and you’ve got chili! Most people add in hot sauce or dried spice to make it spicy. The secret to making good chili is a tablespoon of brown sugar and half a cup of milk.
Macaroni and cheese is just as easy. All you have to do is make the cheese sauce, by mixing LOTS of cheese with milk, flour and butter in a saucepan. Pour this sauce over some boiled macaroni and cook it in the oven for about half an hour. I also add some seasoned panko breadcrumbs on top to make it crunchy.
The only problem with this type of food is that after you eat it, all you want to do is sleep!

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