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【Year-end staff meeting: Basic Level Discussion – Samples】

(Contributed by Takashi)

Have you ever prepared an agenda for a meeting?
Yes, I have many times. It was a demanding task – the kind that’s easier said than done. Here is why.
To begin with, people had different ideas about what were important to discuss and what kind of priorities to attach to them.
Even if these issues were sorted out, soon office politics kicked in to make agenda setting very delicate. In other words, it was nothing but a pain in the neck. I’m very happy now I am done with that task.

Does your company hold year-end staff meeting?
I have never experienced the kind of formal year-end staff meeting this lesson material portrays.
What we did instead was something more ceremonial. We would gather in the largest meeting room and listen to our branch director’s speech.
He usually looked back the year and talked about key events. Then he would express his appreciation for our work and conclude with best wishes for everyone’s health for the coming year.
After the speech we would toast, hang out for a while and go home for the New-Year holiday break.
It was this simple, and a far cry from the functional importance attached to the year-end meeting in the West.

Do you often ask questions in Q&A sessions?
In fact, I usually shun asking questions while I am at Q&A sessions because of the fear that my question would sound silly to other attendees.
However, what often happens is that some people make questions that do sound pointless at least to my ears.
But those questions were taken very seriously by the persons those questions are directed at.
I would always end up wondering, “What was I so overly self-conscious about?”


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