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【Every Room in the House】

(Contributed by Ben)
I have a long-standing ambition to sleep in every room of my house. It’s ‘long-standing’, because it’s an ambition I’ve had for a long time. It would be easy to achieve, but for some reason, I still haven’t done it.
I’ve certainly slept in most of the rooms. Before it was my house, it was owned by some friends of mine. When I visited, I slept in the living room (also called the lounge) and the kitchen. When the house became mine, I slept in the master bedroom (which normally means the main, or biggest, bedroom of a house).
If a lot of guests visit, I give them beds in my bedroom and the living room, and I sleep in the loft. The loft is the hottest, coldest, least comfortable room in the house. (It’s the hottest room in the Summer and it’s very much the coldest room in the Winter, because it has no heating or insulation). I would never make anybody else sleep in the loft. It would be cruel.
The house has a few other rooms. I’ve ruled out the shed (because it’s full of insects) and the bathroom (because if you’re sleeping in a bathroom, something has gone wrong with your life), but that still leaves a couple of rooms.
When I have a lodger living with me, they get two rooms to themself. The second bedroom, and the box-room. A box-room is a small room, slightly too small to be a comfortable bedroom, but big enough to use for storage, or set up a little office. I have slept in the box room. I didn’t have a good reason, but I wanted to tick another room off my list.
That means there’s only one room I’ve never slept in, and that’s the second bedroom. Whenever I’m ‘between lodgers’ (meaning I’m the only person living in the house), I plan to sleep in that room, so I can complete my goal. But then guests arrive (and I put them up in that room), or I suddenly and unexpectedly get a new lodger (as I did this week) and I delay the completion of my ambition.
One day I will complete the goal. A good night’s sleep in every room. After all, what’s the point in owning a room if you never use it?

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