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【Fear of Poetry】

(Contributed by Kelly)

As I discussed in my previous blog I have recently been learning about phobias and have found the topic very interesting. While anyone can develop a phobia to basically anything some of them may seem very odd. I decided to take a look at phobias that have some connection to language. The last phobia I discussed was Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia which is the fear of long words. This time I found that there is actually a phobia related to poetry, Metro phobia.
Metro phobia is the fear of poetry and shockingly it is a fairly common phobia. This phobia usually develops in school when teachers push students to not just learn about poetry or memorize them but break them down, and look for the possible obscure meanings behind them. This particular phobia can take many forms. Some individuals have a fear of all poetry and others will fear poetry dealing with certain subject matters or those that are written is a certain style. This can cause the individuals extreme anxiety, especially in class.
So what can they do? Don’t focus on the underlying meaning or on expert opinions but instead learn to enjoy the poetry for what it is on its own. Once the pressure is removed a person may once again be able to enjoy poetry for its own sakes, its creativity, We have to realize that no one view is correct poetry is abstract like many other creative arts and everyone’s view may not be the same.

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