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【A Live Gig (or, Live Music)】

(Contributed by Ben)

I recently went to a live ‘gig’ – a common, casual term for a rock or pop concert. My cousin’s band was playing in Newcastle, a city near my parents’ hometown, and he put my name on the ‘guest list’ so I could get into the gig for free. I would have bought a ticket, but the band is very popular, so the tickets all sold out before I could buy one.

It had been a long time since I last went to a gig. I really like music, but I mainly enjoy listening to recorded music – I like to know it note-for-note, and appreciate it being the same each time I listen. I always worry that it won’t be as good if I listen to it live. However, when I do go to gigs I find them very exciting and enjoyable. The music is so loud, and the atmosphere is thrilling! That was certainly true on this occasion. Perhaps I should go to see live music more often.

There were bright lights, and big, excited crowds singing along with their favourite songs. In the first half there was a ‘support act’ – a less famous band, who played psychedelic rock music. They were very good too, and I bought their CD from a booth at the back of the venue. Then, after the interval (a short break between the two acts) my cousin’s band came on, and the crowd went wild.

They played for an hour or more, and they had the whole room’s full attention. As people often say ‘the atmosphere was electric’. With their costumes and their confidence, and their adoring fans, the music sounded better than ever. At last, I could be sure: these weren’t just musicians – they were rock stars!

I saw my cousin afterwar the show, at the stage door, and (rather cheekily) I asked if I could be on the guest-list for another of their shows, a few days later – their European tour was coming down to my own city. So the following week, I had the whole experience again, and it was just as amazing.

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