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【The Race for President】

(Contributed by Kelvin)

Here in the United States there are a lot of candidates who are running for president. There are two categories of candidates. One is called Democrat and the other one is called Republican. During this election campaign season, there is a lot going on. The number of candidates running for president is a large number. The candidates tour from state to state to speak with the general public and share their ideas and understand what the public is looking for. There has also been a lot of television debates. The candidates invest a lot of money in television ads also so that people can learn more about them.

Some candidates are more well-known than others. This has to do with how effective they are in the television debates and their general campaign strategy. Many people like to guess who might be the winner of the presidential race and become the next president in the year 2016. The election will be in November of 2016. The next president will take office in early January of 2017. Many people hear on television and radio about the new president for 2016. This refers to the election that occurs toward the end of the year. The candidate that wins will actually take office in the early part of the following year in 2017.

There are some requirements that need to be satisfied for a person to be able to run for president. The first one is that the person running must be a natural born citizen of the United States. They also must be 35 years old or older. The maximum number of terms that a president can hold office is two terms. Each term is four years so that means a president can be in office for a total of 8 years. This means the current president in office now cannot become president in 2017 because he has already held office for one term and is currently in office for a second term. President Obama’s final term in office is 2016. He will leave the White House in January of 2017 when the new president is sworn in and arrives at the White House.

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