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【Winter Activities: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
What do you like to do during the winter?
I really enjoy watching soccer matches on television.
My favorite thing to do in winter is going year-end sale shopping. I usually get good bargains at the department stores downtown.
What is your favorite winter food?
My favorite thing to eat in the winter is oden.
My favorite winter food is Japanese hotpot. I usually set up a gas/electric cooktop on the table and cook vegetables and fish there. I particularly like a hotpot with crab.
Where is the best place to visit during the winter in Japan?
I think the best place is Okinawa because winter there is very mild.
I like staying indoors during the winter. I want to be around my kotatsu. I would spend hours watching TV with my legs tucked under it on a typical winter weekend.
Do you think you are a winter person? Why or why not?
I think I am a winter person because I was born in December.
I don’t think I am a winter person because I hate the cold.
I’m definitely a winter person because I like snowboarding. I always go snowboarding at least once a year to a nearby ski resort.
I am no way a winter person. I have very sensitive skin and get various problems when it is exposed to cold dry winter air. My lips will chap and my fingers will swell with chilblains.

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