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【Auld Lang Syne part 1】

Theme:Rhonda, 家族

(Contributed by Rhonda)
Happy New Year. I hope this blog finds you well.

I am happy and grateful to be able to ring in the New Year. 2015 ended on a sad note with the passing of my father on Oct 24, 2015 (Oct 23, 2015 in the US). A New Year brings many opportunities for happy memories. The past is the past and the future begins everyday with every new sunrise.

My father was 81 and was a wonderful father to 5 children and a wonderful husband to 2 wives. My mom died 28 years ago at the age of 50.

It is interesting that to Americans we think it was a long life but to my family and friends here they say ” oh still very young”!

On Oct 18, 2015 I had received a message from the States saying that my father had a heart attack. He actually started having pain on the 16th but didn’t go to the hospital and the 17th he was still in pain but didn’t go. On the 18th he was in so much pain that he finally drove himself to the hospital. ( I know crazy!) He was admitted for emergency surgery and had 2 shunts put in. He was getting better but there was much damage. His breathing still wasn’t up to par so the doctors decided to put in a pacemaker . He was then doing better but still something wasn’t right. Then they felt that the pacemaker wires may not be connecting due to swelling so went back in and reset them. He was doing well after that and was looking good, eating, sitting up and was expected to recover.
(To be continued …)

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