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【Auld Lang Syne part 2】

Theme:Rhonda, 家族

(Contributed by Rhonda)

(…Continuing from previous blog)

On Oct 24 , 2015 at 8 am I had received the above message that he was doing well so I was relieved. That day I had a Halloween party for 50 of my students. I was dressed up as Cinderella and we were walking around our town Trick or Treating. About 1 hour into the party I received the call that my father had passed away. I had to use all my acting skills to get through the party for the kids sake. After all there was nothing I could do. The earliest plane I could get was midnight. I actually am grateful that the party helped me get through the waiting time. I remember thinking back to how bad I felt when Cinderella receive word in the movie that her father had died and here I am dressed as Cinderella receiving the same sad news. The movie will never be the same.

Lucky all my sisters and brother and spouses along with grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered in August 2015 for a family reunion so I have those memories.

As Christmas 2015 was the first time without both my parents it became most important for me to want to be with my own children and make lasting memories.

In the US when a family member dies we have the 3 days of mourning but are taught that life must go on. We do not cancel celebrations due to a family member passing away but take a moment to remember them and at the dinner table set a place for them.

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