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【Happy New Year】

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(Contributed by Rhonda)
BAA! Happy 2015
The year of the sheep. I can’t believe that another year has flown by already. I spent the last few days cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. The first day of vacation I spent it cleaning my English school including all the light fixtures. The second day I spent it cleaning my coffee shop and finally the third day I cleaned my house. It is such a nice feeling to be surrounded by clean everything. In the US I usually did spring cleaning but I admit that starting the year off on the right foot is a very nice feeling. Today I relaxed at an onsen.
Being married to a Japanese man I get to really celebrate the holiday with his family, Obaachan is 92 years young and still very active. Every year is dinner followed by watching Kohaku on TV ( I am usually in the kitchen playing computer games and then of course long soba noodles just before midnight. Tonight was different as I returned home early to work 121 lessons.
Although I love my family it was a nice break to come home and relax while waiting to teach. It gave me time to reflect on 2015 resolutions.
I am excited about 2015 I have already decided next years goals and look forward to implementing then and also the changes I plan to make.
Tomorrow is going to the shrine to pray and then returning to obaachans house for osetchi. Friday is extended family day and nice to see family and new family members.
January 3rd is back to work and I look forward to meeting new people at the coffee shop as well as new students.
I wish everyone a very healthy, happy and love in the New Year!

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