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【Snow in Southern USA】


(Contributed by Justin)

There is a saying here in North Carolina: “Someone dropped some ice cubes the ground, better cancel schools.” It’s quite humorous once you understand the gist of it.

Southern USA just isn’t prepared for snow or winter storms. The way that roads are set up and the lack of public transportation have an impact on daily life when just a little bit of snow falls. The roads are very dangerous to drive on because they become icy if sleet and rain fall and the temperatures drop below freezing. Instead of having a good system to prepare the roads, everyone is warned to be careful and avoid the roads. The warning of course is great, but there is not much done to help prevent accidents.

When I lived for a month in New York, I noticed that even when heavy snow falls, life goes on just the same. People shovel the roads and sidewalks, people walk for a mile in the snow, and the roads are all salted and cleared by the trucks. Of course because of the amazing public transportation, people walk and get to the underground subways. As well as kids had the ability to walk to school. In North Carolina all of the schools, businesses and grocery stores are shut down!

So all in all I’ve come to realize that southerners love to get their snow day. It’s the culture. Not much is done to get everyone up and moving because the people who would do that are also enjoying the snow day at home!

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