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【Holiday shipping: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】


(Contributed by Takashi)


Do you enjoy choosing gifts?

I enjoy choosing gifts for my colleagues/coworkers.

I enjoy choosing gifts because I can think of the happy faces of the people I am getting the presents for.

I don’t like choosing gifts because I always don’t know what to buy.

I don’t like choosing gifts because I feel I have to buy something the receiver likes very much. There is so much pressure.

Do you like receiving presents?

Yes, I like it more than anything else.

Yes, I like it. Who doesn’t?

Yes, I like it because I get not only something but also kind thoughtfulness from someone.

No, I don’t like it because I feel indebted to the gift giver.

No, I don’t like it because I have to return a present to the person who gave me a present.

No, I don’t like it because that means the person wants something from me.

Have you ever bought Christmas gifts for anybody?

Yes, I have bought a pair of socks with pictures of Santa Clause on them for my father.

Every year, I buy something practical for my wife. Last year, I got her a dishwasher. This year, I am thinking about buying her a yoga mat because that what she is into these days.

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