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【Shopping Malls in America】



Shopping Malls in America

Going to malls in America is a crazy, wild and fun experience. Unlike in Japan, American malls have a larger variety of stores and are more often bigger in size. American malls are really fun and entertaining. Some American malls that are huge in size, contain movie theaters, restaurants, amusement rides, and even roller coasters.


The biggest mall in the world is in America, and it is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.  This mall is called the Mall of America. It contains over 520 stores and employs about 12,000 people.


Speaking about malls, today, my friends and I went shopping at the mall. We bought some cool clothing and accessories. I bought a maroon sweater from a famous American clothing and accessories retailer, and a pair of rainbow sunglasses. My friend Danielle bought a trendy violet leather jacket from a famous women’s casual apparel and accessories store and a nice red and long flowing skirt from another store. My other friend Crystal bought a navy-blue bejeweled dress for the upcoming winter dance this February.


All of us went shopping at mall called Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. This mall is located in Michigan, and had many good deals. This mall is the biggest outlet mall in Michigan, and has many items on sale all year long. Malls that are outlets have stores that sell at marked-down prices and sell clothes are often not from the current season, but from past seasons. They are still highly fashionable and will complement your wardrobe! I love shopping at outlet malls, and especially at huge American malls! If you love to shop until you drop, I highly encourage you to shop at an American mall today!!!



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