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(Contributed by Tony)
In our lives one of the scariest things that we have to face is the idea of change. Be it small like moving to a new apartment in the same city, or massive like moving to a new country and trying to build a new life. This is something that for the last six month have been thinking about a lot as I would like to move around the world and live in many places.
I really admire the students that tell me about their experiences of living in different countries and how it affected them. It is inspiring to hear about them and the hardships they faced.
The scary thing about change is the uncertainty of it, the idea that when you do change something big you have no idea how it will affect the rest of your life. I worry about the idea of being stuck in a place where I have no one to help me or even talk to, but I also worry about leaving, not liking it and coming back feeling like I wasted my time.
While these are the things I worry about, the way I continue to push forwards is with the attitude that life is an adventure and if you just stay in the same place you will miss out on what the world has to offer. If I don’t like something, I have learnt something about myself and can move on. If I find something I love I can embrace it and add it to the rest of my life. As long as you are willing to take the bad with the good you are in for a fun ride, I think. So this year I get the feeling that a lot is going to change and am more than a little excited to find out what.
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