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【Functioning on a Foreign Trip—Part 1】



It’s rather apropos that I am teaching a class called ‘Functioning on a Foreign Trip’, considering we just went on one.


If you’re ever in the mood to go to a sleepy little town in a third world country, I can highly recommend Savannakhet, Laos! Savannakhet sits across the Mekong Delta from the town of Mukdahan, Thailand—yet, they are worlds apart.


Let’s start with the trip preparation, and then I’ll relive the experience, blow by blow.  Pakjira (my wife), drove in from her town and spent the day relaxing here with me. I had already purchased bus tickets a week in advance, as I feared the seats would be sold out quickly by those leaving Bangkok to escape the demonstrations. All we had to do that Sunday was pack our bags.


With our bags packed, we locked up the house good and tight, and got a taxi to a nice restaurant called the Greyhound Café. It’s one of my favorite places to eat simply, because the service is top-notch. I dropped a fork there once, and before it finished bouncing on the floor, a waiter was there with a clean one presented on a napkin, which was placed on a tray. Now, that’s service!


From the café, we hailed another taxi to the bus station. There is no plane service to Savannakhet, so I had purchased over-night VIP tickets. We sat in the front two seats so we could stretch out. As planned, we got on the bus, fell asleep and woke up in Mukdahan.


Pakjira, my wife



It’s a holiday.  I’m not shaving!

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