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【Canada and Ice】



Canada and Ice


I spent much of the holiday season dealing with issues around and about ice.


At the time, I was not happy at the struggles the arrival of the ice storm caused. Loss of electrical power—which snowballed (excuse the pun) into the necessity of cancelling my attendance at classes. A change in how and when we would travel further north to my daughters for Xmas, and the inability to get out of the house and do things.. Even simple things…like walking Angus, buying groceries and preparations for the holidays.


But, this is Canada after all. Snow, no snow, ice, cold and winter weather; we just get on with it. The acceptance of the weather is part of being Canadian. Sometimes, that is easier said than done. So, as soon as power was restored, my holiday preparations picked up speed. We were in fact travelling to spend Christmas together as a family, in the little community of Owen Sound.


So the rush, rush, rush was on. Angus was going with us, so the car had to be packed just right, leaving plenty of room for him to lounge in the back seat for the trip. We wanted to get there as quickly and as comfortably as possible.
Yet, during that drive all the way north, I just had to stop, ponder and take some pictures. I wanted to share the beautiful side of the storm. Mother Nature can be so confusing. On one hand, she leaves us in the dark, destroys property and wildlife; while on the other hand, she leaves a beautiful glistening winter wonderland.


The road I travelled was the same sunny road where I had once seen a field of sunflowers… These scenes were beautiful also, and make me smile.
The bright blue sky against the clear sparkling ice is captivating. Here are a few of the pictures I took to share with you.









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