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Functioning on a Foreign Trip—Part 3



Functioning on a Foreign Trip—Part 3


We all ate dinner at a nice café called Lin’s, which offers a mixture of different cuisines and at reasonable prices. The next morning, Pakjira and I headed out for the famous liver pâté sandwiches served on piping hot French baguettes. A generous helping of pâté, a couple of cucumbers, some pickled cabbage, a few sauces and of course a hot sauce, all for the mere price of one measly dollar. We washed them down with a good Laotian coffee. Soon, Mark joined us and liked the sandwiches so much, he ordered two.


We spent the rest of the day lazily sauntering around, checking out the local shops and taking a few pictures. There was a nap to be had as well. In the evening, we all got together and headed back to Lin’s Café. We gathered family-style upstairs and ate between laughter, sharing our stories of travels and Thailand.


The next morning, we gathered in the courtyard of the guesthouse once again, and laid plans to dine by the river. Most of the travelers were here for visa reasons, and this gave us enough time to check out of the hotel, have a luxurious meal and collect our passports.


We selected a fish and a chicken dish. Beer flowed, and I fed the stray cats the leftovers. Cats like fish.

With passports in hand, the tuk-tuk price negotiated, we headed for the border. We headed home, each of us going to our own spot. Contact details were exchanged, as we were now a little bit more than acquaintances. We were on our way to establishing friendships.


Lin’s Café


Breakfast at Lin’s


The gang in full swing

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