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【Staying positive】

(Contributed by Rhonda)
“You don’t get to choose how or when you die. You can only decide how you are going to live!” Joan Baez Singer/ Songwriter
This is one of my favorite sayings. Recently Mizuki gave a wonderful seminar on positive thinking. I love positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. In the saying above it tells you that you get to choose how yo live. You can choose to be positive or negative. You can choose to be happy or sad. You can choose to love your work or hate it you can even choose to be rich and enjoy the things you have or choose to be poor and think you have nothing.
Energy comes in two forms positive and negative. Unlike magnets where opposites attract the law of nature shows that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. Your thoughts become things and you create your destiny by planting thoughts in your brain and feeding them with positive energy.
My quote that reminds me daily about staying positive and the law of attraction is that: “The secret to success lies within the secret itself; Sincere Effort Creates Really Ecstatic Transformation. ” Rhonda
I start my day with giving thanks for a great day in advance. I smile at everyone, I try to speak only happy words. I give thanks for everything I see. I give thanks for my health and the wealth that I have. I give thanks for the chance to start fresh everyday and by taking responsibility for my efforts in which I can create my dream world.
Start your day with love and positive thoughts and you will see how wonderful things start happening for you.
Here’s to a positive new you!

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