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【A New Dog】




I’ve recently adopted a new dog from my local animal shelter. When I first saw her, she looked very beautiful and was wagging her tail at me. I was not allowed to touch her, because she had not been cleared for diseases. So, when it was time to adopt her after she had been given her vaccinations, I was really surprised when I touched her because of how skinny she was!


Her fur made it look like she wasn’t underweight, but she was so skinny that it felt like I was petting bones.  When I brought her back to my house, she would not eat nor use the restroom, so I was worried that she would die soon. Whenever I tried to walk her outside, she would immediately sit after 10 seconds because she was so weak. Also, she had ‘kennel cough’, which is like a ‘dog cold’ that takes 2 weeks to recover from.


I was a bit mad at whomever had previously owned her, as well as at the animal shelter for not trying harder to nurse her back to health. I have been trying so hard to make her healthier. Now she eats very well, runs around outside, and rarely coughs! The only thing she needs to do now is be a bit more playful. I think she is about 75% back to her normal health. She needs to gain about 5-10 more pounds and be more gentle when feeding. Since she was a stray, she is a bit aggressive about her food. Perhaps next time, I will give an update about the progress she has made!

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