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【Joining a Gym: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
Are you a member of a spa or gym?
Yes, I have been a member of a gym since three years ago/April 2012/I moved to Fukuoka/I turned thirty.
No. I have never belonged to a spa or gym. But I am thinking about it because many people say they are good for your health.
Do you think you need to lose weight?
Yes, I think I need to because ____:
I feel/become tired easily.
the clothes I bought last year do not fit me anymore/are already too tight for me.
my cholesterol level is higher than normal /what is considered healthy.
my doctor tells me to lose weight.
No, I don’t think I need to because ____:
my weight is within the normal range for my height.
your weight doesn’t matter as far as your health is fine.
I think weight is overrated. Actually, your weight is not relevant to your health.
How often do you exercise?
I exercise every day/every other day/every two days/every three days/
every Wednesday and Saturday/every weekend.
I exercise once/twice/three times a week
I only exercise once in a while when I feel I am lazy or I have gained weight. Other than that, I tend to have a sedentary lifestyle.

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