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  • 【Tips for Improving Listening and Pronunciation—Part 2 リスニングと発音の矯正について(2)】

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【Tips for Improving Listening and Pronunciation—Part 2 リスニングと発音の矯正について(2)】



Tips for Improving Listening and Pronunciation—Part 2


Another technique that she and several other students have said has helped a lot, was watching the same show several times and pausing occasionally to imitate what the people on TV said. I learned later in school that this is called ‘shadowing’, and it is a very effective technique to improve your intonation.


Many people say that there is no chance for them to get used to listening to English because they have no English speakers around them. However, there is so much time in a day that could be used towards practicing! When you ride on a train, you could listen to English news on your cellphone or a portable audio device. You could even try listening to English audiobooks!


I tend to listen to audiobooks of foreign language translations of books I like, such as books from the Harry Potter series. I’ve read Harry Potter books too many times to count, and I know the material like the back of my hand. So even if I listen to it in another language, I can always find new words I don’t know and it seems ‘easier’ since I know the general flow of the chapters.


This is simply my advice, and advice I have heard from my English students, but the main point is that anyone can become good at listening and pronouncing English! All you need to do is to make more opportunities for yourself.


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