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【Makeup Mistakes—Episode 1】



There are numerous myths about makeup applications. In this episode, I would like to introduce some wrong makeup applications that I see a lot of people do!


Mistake one: achieving a tan or pale look with foundation. Foundation isn’t supposed to give your skin a bit of a tan, or even paler skin. We use bronzers to add warmth to our face in the winter; and during the summer, we apply it to get a nice sun-kissed look!


Stop applying a darker shade foundation or one that is a lighter shade on your face, that doesn’t match the rest of your body. Instead, buy the color that matches your skin tone perfectly.  Blend it away with a dense kabuki brush to get the airbrushed finish. Also, apply some bronzer to your neck and ears by lightly brushing it on your face. This makes the face have contours, and they will make your face look thinner.


Mistake two: people think concealer must be applied before foundation. Concealer will give you the best result when applied after foundation. Unless you want to color-correct using a concealer, I recommend applying concealer after you apply your foundation. Color-correcting is the technique you use to eliminate discoloration on your face.


For example, if you have red blemishes on your face that you can’t hide with your foundation, take out your green concealer and apply it by using the spot concealer technique. Blend it with your finger and apply a thin coat of foundation on top of it to eliminate the green tint. And WOW! You will not be able to tell you had a zit a minute ago!

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