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【Story I wrote for my Middle School Drama Class to Act Out】

(Contributed by Sylwia)
One day, you’re walking home from school. You’re tired, your backpack FILLED with homework, is weighing you down. Your head is lowered as you think about your upcoming math test. All of a sudden, you bump into something. You look up and notice a group of people staring into the sky. You stare into the sky, as well. You’re confused. What are they looking at? It’s only a bird. Or maybe a plane. You squint your eyes at the sky trying to get a better look. That’s when you realize. You’re eyes widen with excitement. A smile begins to form on your face. And your hand slowly goes up to your face as you gasp at the sight before you. You point to the sky and say Oh my gosh, IT’S SUPERMAN!
Everyone around you becomes excited, as well. You look around at all of happy faces. You shake each with joy. You begin to point to the sky together, in between shakes, and exclaim – He’s real! He’s come to save us!
Superman flies even closer to you. You put your hand up to block the sun and get a better look at him. As you take that closer look, you notice something strange. A look of confusion forms on your faces. Superman certainly looks greener and more blood-thirsty than you imagined. His head hanging limply to the side, mouth open.
A look of horror forms across your face. It can’t be. You slowly shake your head from side to side in disbelief. Superman…he’s a ZOMBIE.
You’re whole body paralyzes with fear. He’s coming closer to you. Everyone else has noticed as well. You hear screams behind you. But you’re still frozen. Finally, you’re shaken out of your paralysis by someone yelling RUN!! You quickly turn around and begin to run away from him. You run faster than you’ve ever run before. You jump over a fire hydrant in your way. You side-swipe an old man who isn’t running fast enough. Finally, you’re back at school. You push open the front door and run into your classroom. You cower under your desk.
You look around out of fear. That’s when you hear those slow footsteps coming toward the door. You lean further back against the wall, hoping you won’t be found.
BUT IT’S TOO LATE! Zombie Superman walks into the room and begins to walk toward you. You put your hand in front of your face and wince. “Please don’t…” you mutter. He’s standing right in front of you. You’re so scared. Your body is tense. You close your eyes. Then in a low voice he asks you, “did you finish your homework?”
“…What?” you asked, confused, and open your eyes. It’s your teacher. She asks you again, “did you finish your homework?”
Your body relaxes. You’re so relieved. It was only a dream. You look up at her and smile, “No, I didn’t miss”
She says, “I’m calling your parents. And get up off the floor” You stay on the floor and put your head down in disappointment.

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