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【Strange weather, indeed】


(Contributed by Michelle)
Missouri has experienced some really strange weather this year. Last year, as some of you have read, we were caught in a Polar Vortex. It has pushed a lot of cold, Artic air down which it made it terribly cold. We also had a lot of snow.
This year hasn’t been so cold, thankfully. In fact, it’s been very mild and I love it. We got a little bit of snow in November, but it wasn’t a lot. I was very happy because I didn’t want it to get as cold as the year before. The weather in December was very strange though. I loved having a white Christmas as a kid, but there was no snow to be seen. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was pretty warm outside. I think it was in the teens on Christmas here, which is really warm.
January was extremely mild, too. I couldn’t believe it, but all good things must come to an end as they say. During the last couple of weeks, the weather went up and down a bit. On Monday, it would be cold, then it would be warm on Friday, and then cold again on Sunday. Thankfully I only put some of my T-shirts away, so dressing for the weather isn’t very difficult.
It snowed at the beginning of the week, but we didn’t get a lot. It is really pretty, though.
Michelle Winter view
Today it’s going to get up to 15 degrees C! What’s weird is that there is still snow on the ground. I think most of it will have melted by the end of the day. I’m sure that we’ll get some more snow before the month is out. It is supposed to get really cold again later on Thursday, so … same ol’, same ol’.
Thanks for reading!
~ Michelle

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