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【Canadian Foods – Part 1】

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(Contributed by Liz)
If you have ever been to Canada you’ve probably heard of a poutine. What’s a poutine? Well it’s not the healthiest food but one of the most well known French Canadian dishes. A poutine consists of French fries, mozzarella cheese and topped with a delicious gravy. Sounds like it’s a heart attack on a plate, right? Well it’s definitely not a dish that we should eat very often, but when you do… it’s soo good.
While I lived in the states for school I tried ordering a poutine and they never heard of it. I couldn’t believe my ears. Our American neighbours have been deprived of this delicious savory snack. It’s worth crossing the border for just a taste. On the other hand, about a twenty minute walk away from my house is a cute little poutine shop and all they sell is poutine. It’s a great treat to have on a cold winter evening.
If you haven’t already visited Canada I hope you do someday soon. Please remember to try a poutine and of course I always recommend you travel to Canada in the summer… unless you love snow. Hahaha
To be continued…
I hope you have a sweet tooth (I hope you like desserts)… Other delicious Canadian foods that I’ll mention in the future are: Beavertails, funnel cakes, maple everything, Nanaimo bars and more.

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