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【Canadian Foods – Part 2 】

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(Contributed by Liz)
Did you get to try a poutine yet? Well if you read my last blog you’ve probably had a craving for poutine or want to know more about Canadian foods. Today I’ll be talking about one of my favourite Canadian desserts, funnel cake. If you’ve never tried one you’re missing out and should try one as soon as possible. Your taste buds will thank you. It’s the perfect blend of ice cream, pastry, topped with fresh strawberries and icing sugar. It’s a great dessert to share with friends because they are usually HUGE.
My first time experiencing a funnel cake was when I was just a little girl at Canada’s Wonderland (a big Canadian amusement park). As soon as I saw this great big pastry dancing in the frying pan, then topped with strawberries and fresh soft serve vanilla ice cream I knew it was going to be love at first bite. I thought I would be able to eat the whole thing at once, but I my eyes were bigger than my stomach (It looked like I could eat it but I couldn’t fit it in my stomach). Looking back I remember sharing this delicious dessert with my sister and friends and it was a great day. It was and still is my favourite dessert that I’ve ever tried in my whole life.
Canadian desserts are definitely not very healthy but they are out of this world delicious. I hope you are still craving to hear more about Canadian desserts because there is still more to come.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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