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【El Morro Fort 】


(Contributed by Jackie)
In my last blog entry I mentioned my favorite place to visit is Old San Juan. Old San Juan is the second oldest city in the island of Puerto Rico, also known as the Enchanted Island of the Caribbean. One of the historic attractions you can see in Old San Juan is an old Spanish Fort built in the 16th century. This fort was created to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay, and defend the Spanish colonial port city of San Juan from its enemies. One of the most important defenses the island had at the time which was used successfully against Sir Frances Drake and it was also used during World War II to watch for German submarines in the Caribbean. This fort took almost 200 years to complete and in 1983 it was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
Wikipedia photo
When you visit El Castillo del Morro you will be memorized by its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, one thing I especially enjoy is the breeze and the sounds and smells of the Enchanted Island.
During the year many families visit the fort to enjoy a family day of fun. The children enjoy flying kites and eating a local treat called “helado” which is an ice cone made with tropical fruit juices such as passion fruit, tamarind and lime. The best season for flying kites is during the month of March however due to its location you will always find a great breeze throughout the year.

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