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【Seattle Part 3】

(Contributed by Leyna)
I went to sephor* on the second day to shop. That’s my FAVORITE place to shop makeup! They have so many different brands of makeup and I can literally spend HOURS just looking at makeup. There are 2 kinds of sephor* the free stand and the sephor* in JCPenn*. Free stand has more name brands and big selection of makeup. I have been eyeing a lot of products before this trip so I know what to get when I am in Seattle. I do like shopping makeup online but I love to feel the instant gratitude by shopping for them in stores. Plus you can feel the products and try them out too. Swatches are very helpful when buying makeup and you can also test them out at sephor* by using a brush. A lot of people like to swatch eye shadows using their fingers but you would not be able to know how the shadows will apply with fingers especially if you use your products using a brush unless the product specifically tell you to use your fingers to apply it. So to see how it truly perform you will have to swatch with the tool that you will be using when you apply makeup. I have been LOVING glitters. They are just so pretty on the eyes. So I got some glitters from Sephor*. It came with the liquid glitter sealer and it really makes the application a breeze. It seals and keep the glitters in tact so they won’t fall and make a huge mess under your eyes. You can also use that as a mixing medium for your eye shadows to make your eye shadows to look wet, foiled, pigmented and high shine, You can also use a liner brush and create your custom glitter liner or colored liner too. The possibilities are endless! To be continued…

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