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(Contributed by Jacqueline)
ometimes when I travel there is bad weather. Primarily because I travel during the late fall and winter months. Although the odd summer trip has caught me in storms as well.
On Saturday I left home early enough to take time and pause along the way. I had decided to fly this time which relieved me of driving in potentially rotten weather. Planes can fly around those storms, certainly I could not with a car.
This weekend has proven to be deadly with the storms that have crossed the southeast of the United States. At least count a total of 32 tornadoes are on record. Whole communities have been wiped out by winds in excess of 100 miles/hour as the tornadoes spun their way across the land.
Sadly these were communities that did not have an emergency shelters that were required. In one instance a lady saved 80 lives by convincing those spared into joining her in the shelter she had on her property.
Many things have been learned over the years about how to predict approaching or potential tornadic weather and have helped with the warning systems for the public. It is time however to encourage the building of shelters to protect lives.
For years the most lives have been lost in communities of mobile home parks. This is an urgent matter that should be addressed. It is known that when a tornado approaches there just is not any safe place in a mobile home to protect a life. Time for a change.

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