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【Happy Valentine’s Day! 】


(Contributed by Michelle)
Hi everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Since today is a worldwide holiday, I thought I’d tell you a little story.
Once upon a time, there was a girl named, Michelle. She was living in Tokyo and was kind of excited about Valentine’s Day. Normally, she wasn’t a big fan because she never had a boyfriend during this holiday. Of course, she still gave cards and chocolates to her friends, but it wasn’t the same.
She was still excited because even though she didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate with, she had lots of American chocolate for all of her students. She went to school as usual and gave chocolate to all of her coworkers. They were excited and a bit surprised as well. They all were so happy to get chocolate. Almost too happy.
When her business students came to class, she gave each of them some chocolate with a fun Valentine’s Day card. She was so happy to see each one of their faces light up. However, she was a little worried and confused. As the day went on, she noticed her male coworker and friend, Reggie, had gotten a lot of chocolate, but she hadn’t gotten any.
At first, when she hadn’t received anything, she thought her Japanese students just didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It made sense, but then after lunch, she noticed her male coworker, Reggie, an American teacher, had a pile of chocolate on his desk.
That’s when she began to wonder if the students really liked her or not. They seemed to like her, but no one had given her any chocolate. Of course, she continued to hand out chocolate to everyone. She was happy in making others happy, so even though she hadn’t gotten any, she felt good about giving it to others.
That night when she got home she wondered if she was a good teacher or not, but it was just a mere thought. She felt good about how she taught and how she cared about the students. When she awoke in the morning, she was determined to feel good and made sure she taught great classes. She continued to give out chocolate to those who hadn’t gotten any. That made her and her students really happy. Reggie, was very happy, too. He had lots of chocolate.
A few weeks went by and Michelle had forgotten all about the chocolate. She’d been having too much fun teaching and hanging out with students after work. One day, when she went to work, she walked into her classroom to see a box on the table. It was from her coworkers. They had gotten her a big box of chocolate. She was so surprised. After all, it wasn’t her birthday. She thanked them, but didn’t have time to find out why they’d given it to her.
As the day continue, she continued to get more chocolate. Student after student gave her chocolate, cards, and even a teddy bear. At the end of the day, her desk was so full of chocolate and gifts that she had to put some of it on the floor under her desk. This is how Michelle found out about, White Day and she lived happily ever after.
Thanks for reading my true tale. Happy Valentine’s Day!
~ Michelle

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