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【So Proud】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
My Grandson Jack in his new uniform that he proudly wears
It is not a common thing anymore for young people to want to be involved in the Girl Guide or Boy Scout movement.
It is sad but true that so many children bypass this great program which nurtures well rounded, well mannered, youngsters while giving them a sense of knowledge of everyday life and the skills they will need to be self supportive in their later years.
Much to my surprise, late last year my eldest Grandson asked me about the section of Scouting that is geared to his age group. They are called Beavers, a younger version of Cub scouts in Canada.
So I searched the information online and found a pack that operated close to where he lives. We did go to a meeting so he could participate in an evening of events to see if he enjoyed it. He did!!
But, a very strange unexpected thing happened. Jack asked if it was too late to change his Christmas list. He no longer wanted the toys he (as any 6 yr old would be asking for) and wanted instead a uniform for Beavers so he could go to the meetings for real and join Scouts.
So, as it was only the middle of December, I went and bought the uniform, registered him to the group and waited. … Christmas morning, I was thrilled to see the wide smile on his face when he opened my parcel to find his uniform.
So now, every Wednesday afternoon, I pick Jack up after school, we go out for dinner and I take him to his Beaver meeting. It is our time together Grandmother and Grandson. It is not a long time each week, but our time… a chance to catch up, tell stories and laugh together. I just have to prepare for those special times with my other two Grandchildren when they decide what special activity they would like to do… I have a couple of years though..
By the way… I did get him a toy for Christmas as well… What Grandmother wouldn’t?

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