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【Winter Wonderland… A New Year and More Snow】

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(Contributed by Liz)
It’s a fresh start and a new year, full of wonder and hope. I went outside today and there was a fresh new blanket of snow. Ah yes everything looks so clean and white. My husband and I took our dog, Luna, for a walk this afternoon. It wasn’t too cold since I bundled up well. Luna absolutely loves the snow… as for me well I’d love it if it only snowed a handful of times a year. Unfortunately for me that’s not winter’s plan for Canada. This is Luna’s second winter and she doesn’t have to worry about shoveling or salting the driveway so I can see why she loves it more than us. I wish you could see how she hops around like a bunny in the snow. By the way she’s a 60lb goldendoodle so it’s a pretty funny sight to see.

We are about half way through this winter and our car has already got stuck in the snow. Actually it got stuck in our own driveway. The ironic part was that we were trying to shovel the driveway to avoid this from happening. I was born and raised in Canada so I should be use to it. However, I still wish I had a tropical getaway island that I could recharge my batteries mid-winter. Until I get that island I will do my best to enjoy this beautiful winter wonderland with my family and friends. Luna on the other hand doesn’t have to try so hard.

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