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【My Little Princess】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)

My Little Princess Halen… aka Gangsta rocker
I spoken in these blogs about my grandchildren but not in great detail, more about the fun we have. Sometimes as picture goes beyond the words in recognizing how special, unique even quirky a person might be.
My Granddaughter Halen is a funny little character. I suppose the way she was named has added to that individuality. Her big brother Jack wanted to call her Van Halen.. Like the group, it is his favorite and thought it would be cool (his words).
In the search for a name for this little princess her parents with some help from other family members came up with a way that would work and Jack could have his wish. There are many little girls named Hayley so they decided that Halen was not that different… By just dropping the Van her name was decided and Jack was so excited.
Now, Halen has her own special character. She is a quiet refined petite little one. Her features are fine, her hair long and silky. But, when she decides to play act, I am just not sure where it comes from.
She is the princess of play acting and would give some of us a run for our money if doing a role play exercise. In the picture here she is pretending to be a gangsta rock musician.. so she told me and gets right into the facial expressions, the dance moves and the air guitar. I just don’t know where she would have learned this.
Never-the-less it is always fun when spending time with Halen, aka, rock star, mother with many dolls, dancer and even Wonder Woman…. I can not wait to see who she introduces me to next.

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