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【Wasn’t that a party】

(Contributed by Jacqueline)
A six foot (nearly 2 meters) submarine sandwich enjoyed by all.
Strawberries, Blueberries, Kumquats, Pineapple, Raspberries and Watermelon
Red, Green and Yellow Peppers, Celery sticks, Cucumber rounds, Mini carrots, Grape tomatoes, Broccoli crowns and Cauliflower bites
Minecraft cupcakes… it was all about the jello digi bites and the jelly beans
Jack and one of his cousins share a birthday. So this year it was decided they would share their party also. Jack would be 7 and his cousin Preston 6.
Their Moms set the plans. A jumping tent, the gym and a great big pool party. It was organized at the local YMCA. The party room was booked, the tables set and then the food arrived.
I had experienced some of these things before, but the dynamite cake was the hit of the party. We dove into a 6’ sub filled with cold cuts, cheese and veggies. Trays of pizza, a wonderful fruit tray and veggie tray too. But the cake!
It was fashioned out of rice krispie squares and then wrapped in layers of strawberry licorice sticks..The top was iced black to match the colour of explosive gunpowder. Firecracker sparklers were used instead of candles.
Rice krispie mixtures are used in many of the incredible cake competitions that include making huge characters or building structures as part of the design. Rice Krispies squares are a north american sweet treat which mixes puffed rice with marshmallow. I have included a link for a recipe at the end of this blog.
Now you might ask what on earth a childs cake would be like this for… thank you Minecraft.. Apparently this explosive block is featured in the game. So are the digit bites made of jello and found on top of the chocolate cup cakes.
Needless to say we all had plenty to eat and the games began… 24 of us jumped in the pool for an hour of laughter and splashes.
The gym and jumping tent.
The Cake.. Explosive in design, delicious to eat
A recipe for the original rice treats.. You can substitute other puffed rice cereal if Kellogg’s brand Rice Krispies are not available.

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