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【Idioms Part 1】

(Contributed by Crystal)
There are many things to love about the English language, including idioms. As you all know, they can be illusive, and often mysterious. Most of them have such a long history that their meaning is buried deep in the era and culture from which they originated. Here are a few simple idioms that are useful in everyday conversation. Challenge yourself and try to use one or two a day. Get a feel for them by using them in your daily conversation or during your lessons.
Give it a shot – Try
Speak your mind – Say what you really feel
A piece of cake – Very easy
Slipped my mind – I forgot
Cross your fingers – For good luck
Be in hot water – Be in trouble
It cost an arm and a leg – It was expensive
It’s in the bag – It’s a certainty
Get cold feet – Be nervous
A rip off – Too expensive
Get a kick out of – Enjoy
Read between the lines – Find the hidden meaning
Have mixed feelings – Unsure how you feel
Draw a blank – Can’t remember
Have a change of heart – Changed your mind
Be second to none – Be the best
Get your act together – Behave properly
Play it by ear – Improvise
Have second thoughts – Have doubts
A basket case – A crazy person

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