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【The Moon!】

(Contributed by Ben)

I have always wanted to travel to the Moon. At school, the English class read a book called ‘School on the Moon’, and it all seemed so exciting. It was an adventure, but it made the Moon feel real, almost ordinary, and reachable. For once, I believed it was a place I could really go to.
Ever since then, I’ve loved stories about lunar travel (meaning travel to the Moon). My favourite are probably the Tintin comics ‘Destination Moon’ and ‘Explorers on the Moon’. So exciting, and quite emotional at the end.
In March 2007, teacher George and I saw a lunar eclipse (also called an eclipse of the Moon). The Earth passed between the Sun and the Moon, and a huge shadow was thrown onto the Moon. For the first time, the Moon looked like a sphere. I had always thought of it as a flat circle, a 2-dimensional shape, like a paper plate. But as I watched that eclipse, I saw it as a sphere, in full 3D. For the first time in my life, the Moon was real and beautiful.
These days I’m more realistic. I know how expensive space travel is. Very. Very very very. It costs so much to burn all that petrol, to lift the rocket into the heavens. So, it’s expensive and bad for the environment. I know I’ll never really go to space, but I still have that dream, that beautiful dream. I long to visit the Moon!
I have no idea what I would do if I got there.

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