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【Managing your health: Entry Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
How do you manage stress?
I manage stress by singing songs at karaoke.
My usual method to control stress is to keep a balance between work and personal life.
What I do to release stress includes sports activities such as jogging and hiking.
To avoid stress, I just take it easy on anything.
What are some things you do to stay healthy?
What I do to stay healthy is getting regular medical checkups and eating a healthy diet.
There are a number of things I do to stay healthy. For example, I try to exercise regularly and stay away from fatty foods.
I just eat and sleep well to avoid becoming unhealthy.
I see my doctor as soon as I notice something unusual about my health condition. That’s how I try to stay healthy.
How often you get sick?
I rarely get sick. Last time I became sick was five years ago when I got food-poisoning.
I become sick only occasionally. I would say I feel sick a couple of times a year.
I fall sick/ill from time to time. I am particularly prone to the common cold.
I frequently come down with various sicknesses. In fact, I am suffering from a stomachache now.
What do you usually do first when you get sick?
First, I measure my (body) temperature when I get sick.
If I had medicine for the symptoms at home, I just take some of it.
I usually wait a few weeks for the drug to take effects. I go to the hospital only when my health condition doesn’t improve despite the medicine.
I don’t take a chance wishing that the problem would just go away if I waited. I go see a doctor promptly/immediately/at once/a.s.a.p.

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