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【I messed up big time! (2)】

(Contributed by Noriko)
I’ve arrived at the airport safely and had been waiting for him for over 3 hours. I’d been getting worried.
I tried to call his mobile, but I couldn’t catch him. I was feeling lonely and frustrated, but I couldn’t stay like this forever.
After 4 hours waiting, I’ve decided to book accommodation for the night. I went to the travel information desk and asked for the cheapest and closest hotel possible.
When I was at the ticket desk, my friend had finally arrived.
When I saw him, I felt very relieved and but I was also a bit annoyed.
‘You said you would pick me up at 2 pm!! How could you do that!’
‘Sorry, but you didn’t say that you were going to the Stansted airport!!! I went to Heathrow airport first, and then I checkd the flight and found it didn’t go to Heathrow, so I had to drive two hours to here to pick you up!!!’
I didn’t know that London has five international airports!!!
I’ve never thought about that.
Of course, I had to buy him dinner to say a big thank you!

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