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【My favourite dramas (2)】

(Contributed by Noriko)
Game of Thrones (American fantasy drama)
This is the top of my list and I’ve been reading the book as well. The story is set in the fictional seven kingdoms and as the title, there are a lot of violent battles to take the thrones, and all the characters are very believable – no one is good, and they all have bad parts to them. They use swords, poisons and betrayals to defeat their enemies. There are three very powerful dragons in the story as well and their animation is awesome. It contains a lot of violent scenes and is extremely realistic, so it’s excellent viewing for the audience and I love it so much! It’s great entertainment for adults, but rather too much for children!
Reign (Historical fantasy romance)
It’s a story about Mary Queen of Scots, so it’s a kind of a history drama. I say ‘kind of’, because they changed some historical facts to make the story more attractive, so it’s also a fantasy romance. However it’s good enough for me to follow the major historical events. I also enjoy seeing their gorgeous costumes (it’s a new style of dress, so they look so sophisticated!) and the traditional atmosphere of a castle in this period. The main actress playing Mary Queen of Scots is very attractive and brave and I think she plays the role well!
Horrible History ( Kids history education)
It’s a comedy for children and all the story is based in historical facts, about Romans, Viking, Egyptians, King Henry VII and so on. There are a lot of disgusting stories, but it attracts children and are all true! Their script and songs are really good and it encourages children to learn about history through facts and discoveries that they wouldn’t have learnt about at school. It’s very popular all over the world.

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