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【Winter is here with a polar vortex on the way】


(Contributed by Michelle)
Last year, we experienced a polar vortex which made Missouri and other parts of the U.S. very cold. This winter has been quite mind. It snowed once in November and a couple of times in December, but it was a lot. In fact, most of December felt quite warm, almost like spring. I guess that has changed.
Last week, we finally got enough snow to count. Not only did the snow cover the ground, but it made some roads pretty hard to drive on. Thankfully, I didn’t need to go out into that stuff, so I was lucky. Most of it had melted away because we had gotten some really nice, warm days. I think it was around 16 degrees here, even though there was snow on the ground. I actually went out in a T-shirt. It was kind of crazy. Then there was another cold snap.
Michelle winter

It snowed really hard on Tuesday. At first it was just flurries, so I went to the store about 30 minutes away to pick up some things. I really needed to get some chicken and of course, edamame. As I drove their, the roads were clear, but the snow picked up more as I made my way to Hannibal.
I did some shopping and when I came out, my car was completely covered. There were a couple of inches on top. I was really surprised when I came out to see all the snow. When I drove home, I had to go really slow. It wasn’t just because the roads were kind of slick, though. There were times the wind gusts were so strong that they blew the snow on the ground and in the air into our path, so it made it hard to see. It wasn’t too terrible, but it was a little difficult.
Well, now the weather forecasters are saying another polar vortex is on the way. This means that on Friday, it’s going to be really, really cold. I think it’ll be around -25 degrees Celsius or more. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! 😉

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