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(Contributed by Dawn)
What makes you relax? When the world seems to be raging a battle against you, and you alone are holding down the front-line, do you have a safe haven? What keeps you breathing? What keeps you…you? For me, the answer would be words. Words, whether they fly off the pages of a novel and soar into my mind as I imagine the characters and places the author has developed, or whether they seep out of my fingertips and onto a blank canvas to create a world of my own imagining, words are what keep me sane. Words are what weave peace and contentment into my soul. Without them, I would be lost within my own mind, a prisoner of things unspoken. Reading and writing are my passions. I cannot imagine a world with no books, with no poetry or creativity or imagination. And in truth, inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration is the way the dew glistens on the blades of grass in the early summer mornings. Inspiration is the laughter of someone truly in love. Inspiration is the shadow of the mountains and the rustling of the wind through the fields of hay. Sometimes I forget that a person can find that inspiration through these small, daily things, but I get reminded from again and again. And it’s always a welcome reminder. We all need to remember, when we are feeling disheartened, to just look around us and find the beauty that exists (and I promise you, it does exist). We all need to be reminded that inspiration is ever-present, and that we all need to have that something that keeps us from losing ourselves amidst the battles we will encounter in life. Find your haven, find your inspiration. And just…live.

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