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【$50 Umbrella】

(Contributed by Justin)
I just ordered a $50 Coolibar brand umbrella online. $50 is quite a large chunk of money especially for an umbrella, so why did I get this?
In Honduras, I spend most of my day walking under the brutal hot sun. Usually after leaving my house around 8am just right after showeirng, the sun is already in full force. It already makes you sweat bullets, and again, it’s 8am! Usually while doing my volunteer work, I walk aroud with an umbrella in order to protect myself from the sun rays. I’ve come to find out though that those $5 or $10 umbrellas just weren’t cutting it for me. The sun penetrates through them and they don’t provide full protection from the dangerous ultraviolet rays.
One day, a friend of mine showed me this umbrella that he had with a gray shiny top and sturdy features. He explained that it is a special type that gives full protection from the uv rays. I stood under his umbrella and fell in love with it instantly. You can feel the difference! The sun doesn’t penetrate and it is significanly cooler under that umbrella compared to others.
So, now that I’m in USA for a while, I decided to invest in this umbrella that has special uv protection, sturdy against strong winds, and will last longer than a year! I can’t wait to put it to use.

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