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【Compromising: Basic Level Discussion – Examples】

(Contributed by Takashi)
Have you ever had to compromise with a business associate about the time it will take to finish a job?
Yes, of course. In fact, that’s something we have to do all the time. Everyone in my company is involved in many projects while those projects do not go as planned most of the time.
So, we always face situations where you have to spend extra time on certain projects to deal with problems.
That means your attention to other projects become sparse and you are behind the schedule.
The result is, of course, you ask your colleagues involved in those other projects to wait for you.
Have you ever had to compromise with a company about the price of a job?
It is our company policy that we never compromise on prices once we have made official quotations.
However, in practice, reducing prices from final quotes is all part of the game these days.
In this current economic climate, there are too many suppliers going after a limited number of customers.
I hope the government implements policies to stimulate the economy as soon as possible.
Are you a tough negotiator in business?
I can be a tough negotiator but it all depends on how much power I have over my negotiation partners.
The power depends on the value of what I can offer to the negotiation relative to what my negotiation partners offer.
For example, when I see I have something my negotiation partner really wants and he can’t find it somewhere else, I have the power in the negotiation.
Then, I can be very tough. I wouldn’t compromise on my position and insist on my partner’s concession.

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