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【Traveling with the Red Cross】



Traveling with the Red Cross


This past week, I was off traveling to do Red Cross business.


Since April, I have been the Regional Volunteer Chair for Japan, which means I am the top volunteer person in Japan. In this role, I have to visit all the Red Cross offices in Japan and meet with volunteers!


During these visits, I travel with VIPs from Washington, D.C., which means red carpet treatment. For those of you who don’t know, the red carpet treatment is very nice. We travel in a nice VIP van with a driver! We eat at nice restaurants and stay at nice hotels; but when we travel by plane, we fly in economy class.


I had the pleasure of traveling to the Yokota, Zama, Atsugi, Yokosuka and Okinawa bases. We visited all branches of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. During the visits, I got to meet the best volunteers and got to hear their stories as to why they became volunteers. I also met with the staff of each station to talk about the programs they offer to the community.


The biggest events for me, though, were meeting high ranking officers—both commanders and generals—and sitting, talking and having coffee with them in the same office.


My biggest job was to check to make sure that all stations are prepared in case of disaster. I am happy to report that they are. So, please relax and know that we are ready to help in any situation.


One interesting fact is that in 27 years, this was the first chance I ever got to travel to Okinawa. Since I truly love the beach, it was nice to be near the ocean.


I enjoyed this trip very much and look forward to serving the community in any way that I can. I also look forward to visiting these wonderful Red Cross offices in the near future too. My next trip should be to South Korea, which will also be a first for me.


I am so happy and grateful to all the servicemen and servicewomen who work hard to keep Japan safe. I am also happy and grateful for the many many volunteers who work hard to support their community.

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