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【Makeup Mistakes—Episode 4】



Makeup Mistakes—Episode 4


In this episode, we will talk about eye makeup! Eye makeup is very important to make your makeup pop! You do not want to mess it up. It can make you or break you!


Mistake number seven: applying black eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger! This is false! Framing your eyes using a black eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller. It can create the illusion of less white space within your eyelids, which will leave you with smaller-looking eyes. So, if you want your eyes to appear larger, avoid applying black eyeliner on the bottom waterline. Simply apply it only on the top waterline, and apply a beige nude color eyeliner on the lower waterline. This technique is very popular among Japanese girls. This is very effective and the results are instant, so I suggest you try it at least once! No need to go under the knife to get bigger eyes if you use this method.


Mistake number 8: using shimmery eye shadow all over your eyelid! Using shimmery eye shadow can look stunning on all skin types when applied correctly. Be careful not to have too much fun with it. Apply champagne-colored shimmery eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to get the illusion of wider-looking eyes. I recommend using shimmery eye shadow only on the high points of your face and in the inner corner of your eyes. This way, it will contour your face and add some dimension.

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