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【St. Patrick’s Day】

(Contributed by Rhonda)
March 17th is an Irish holiday called St. Patrick. It is a celebration of Christianity in Ireland. St. Patrick was a priest who brought Christianity into Ireland and used a clover to show that the father , the son, and the Holy Spirit are one but also that they are each an individual character.
On St. Patrick’s Day people wear green, eat green food and drink green drinks. Some places have a big parade and even in Chicago they dye the river green using organic means so as to not pollute the water.
Wearing green on this day will bring you the luck of the Irish.
Finding a 4 leaf clover will also bring you additional luck.
In my childhood time if you didn’t wear green your friends would pinch you meaning that you had bad luck.
Lucky for me I have green eyes so I’m always prepared.
Symbols of St. Patrick’s Day include a leprechaun, pot of gold, the clover and a rainbow.
It is believed that the leprechauns live at the end of a rainbow and have much money and if you can catch them you will receive the pot of gold. IF you touch a leprechaun your luck will improve. Henceforth the saying “the luck of the Irish” !
There are many events in Tokyo and in pubs throughout Japan so please search the web for celebrations near you.
I haven’t had the pleasure to meet a leprechaun yet but I will most definitely be wearing green on March 17th. In the meantime I will use my power of positive thinking as I know for sure it will never let me down.
I wish you all a happy St. Patrick’s day and may you have the luck of the Irish mate. Think positive your 4 leaf clover is coming soon!

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